Review: Adept by C.F. Welburn

Adept (The Ashen Levels #3) - C.F. Welburn

Adept by C.F. Welburn is the third book in The Ashen Levels series. This book picks up where the second book leaves off. Balagir is on his search to find the meaning of his life and if being an Ashen has a purpose.

Balagir is one of my most favorite of characters I've ever gotten to know through a story. I love the way Welburn has brought Balagir to life. His struggles keep me rapt, hoping for the best for Balagir.

I just love Welburn's writing style, and I love this world that he has created. This story is definitely different than your usual fantasy story in that it's more about the character than the usual tropes.

Easily one of my favorite stories, and am looking forward to reading the rest of this series.