Review: Fledgling by C.F. Welburn

Fledgling (The Ashen Levels #1) - C.F. Welburn

Fledgling by C.F. Welburn is the first book in The Ashen Levels. Balagir discovers that he is an Ashen. Paying the piper in exchange for power, Balagir must unravel the past to save the future.

Plot 5/5: An intriguing story that kept me wanting more.

Characters 4/5: Interesting characters, but I would have liked to see a little more descriptions as to get a better picture of the characters in my mind.

World building 5/5: An interesting world with a magic system that I have never encountered before in my adventures.

Pacing 4/5: A steady pace throughout the story.

Writing 5/5: Beautifully written prose.

Overall 4.6

I loved this story so much that I bought the next two books. I highly recommend this book.


And, yet again, leave it to Booklikes to add a book under a different author's name. This book is by CF Welburn.