Siege of Shadows by J.A. Andrews

Siege of Shadows - V.C. Andrews

Siege of Shadows by J.A. Andrews is the final installment of The Keeper Chronicles. Sini came from the streets and is now with the Keepers, but she feels she doesn't fit in. Will she be able to find a place to call home?

J.A. Andrews' storytelling is delightful, her characters alive, and her world vivid. Andrews has a unique way of bringing her characters forth and bringing them to life, and making you care for these people as if they are your family and friends. I don't usually get so emotionally attached, but Andrews' characters had my emotions running all over the place. I laughed, cried, got angry, and hopeful. This story has everything a great fantasy novel should have.

I love this trilogy so much that it has a place right next to my Tolkien books on my shelves, and there is no higher honor that I could give Andrews' story than that. This is a clean fantasy and a must read. I highly recommend Andrews' works. You will not be disappointed.


For some reason, Booklikes has JA Andrews' books under VC Andrews. I have contacted Booklikes numerous times about this issue, yet they refuse to resolve this situation. If anyone here knows how to resolve this issue, please let me know. Thanks.