The Dead Orphanage by A.A. Allsop

The Dead Orphanage - Jake Allsop

The Dead Orphanage by A.A. Allsop has an alternative cover, and title of Peter Green and the Unliving Academy: This Book is Full of Dead People (The Unliving Chronicles 1) by Angelina Allsop. This story is about Pete Green, a fourteen -year-old boy who finds himself dead, but can't remember anything but his name, age and the fact that he is dead.


Alternate cover:


For starters, I loved this story. It was fun, imaginative, and full of fun characters. The author takes us on a fantastic journey of a boy trying to find out who he is. He makes friends, and in doing so finds help. I loved the characters. The creatures are fun, and the world the author created is unique to me. I've not read about such a world before, and this story was delightful and emotional.

With that being said, this book could have used better editing, but it did not hinder my enjoyment and I'm looking forward to reading more of Peter's adventures.

Overall, I give this book 4 stars.