Review: Haunted Tales by Samie Sands and Other Various Authors

Haunted Tales: stories from beyond the grave - Linda H Gerald, Matt Mesnard, Giselda Woldenga, Justin R Beeman, June Rachelson-Ospa, Amy S Pacini, Cecilia H Doldan, Kevin S Hall, Anthony V Pugliese, Linda Jenkinson, Rick Eddy, Samie Sands, Kody Dibble, June Lundgren, Jake  Elliot, Nicholas Boving, Martha Jette, Stephe

Haunted Tales by Samie Sands and other various authors is an anthology of poems and short stories.

1. The Damaged Doll by Kevin S. Hall: ***
2. Rebirth by Cecilia Hernando Doldan (poem): ***
3. The Evil Among Us by Nicholas Boving: ****
4. Fortuna and the Dead by Stephen Downes (poem): **
5. Joining In by Kody Dibble (poem): **
6. Graveyard Encounter (A True Story) by June Lundgren: **
7. Haunts & Horrors by Amy S. Pacini: *
8. Hyde and Seek - The Tale of Young Master Henry Jekyll (A sample of the play) by June 
Rachelson-Ospa: ***
9. Caged by Justin R. Beeman: *****
10. When Ed Met Avril by Martha Jette: **
11. Your Knife by Debbie Johnson (poem): **
12. Final Revenge by Gisela Woldenga: **
13. The Changeling by Anthony V. Pugliese (poem): **
14. The Haunted Hoagie by Matt Mesnard: *
15. Demon Comes to Challenge my Faith by Martha Jette: ** Read like a textbook.
16. Better than his word by Rick Eddy: * Opinion piece.
17. Erebus by Michele Jones: ***
18. Prologue: Till Heaven Then Forever by Linda Heavner Gerald: DNF. Contained too many religious 
19. Henry's Ghost by Linda Jenkinson (poem): ***
20. Heart Surgery by Jake Elliot: **
21. The Pale Lady by Kally Jo Surbeck (poem): ****
22. Transcending by Ekta Rawat: * I couldn't make sense of this story.
23. The Ghost Sheets by Mathias Jansson )poem): *
24. Under the House by Will Zeilinger: ***
25. The Fall and Rise of Lucifer by Delaina M. Waldron: ** Two of the characters were mixed up.
26. Upside the Down Elevator by Kimberly Klemm: **
27. Cryptic Apparition by Amy S. Pacini (poem): **
28. Possession is Nine Tenths (A sample of the play) by Trisha Sugarek: ***
29. Poem by Rae Desmond Jones: *
30. Dark Portal (A True Story) by June Lundgren: ****
31. Shadow People by Michele Jones (poem): ****
32. Shadows and Ghosts by Cecilia Hernando Doldan (poem): ***
33. For the Love of God by Nicholas Boving: **** Loved this story.
34. A Household Mystery by Cecilia Hernando Doldan: ***
35. Played (A Sample of the Play) by Jonathan Ospa: ***** This story was fun.
36. The Town That Hell Spat Out by Kevin S. Hall: **** Familiar characters of horror made this 
story fun.
37. The Replacement by Linda Jenkinson: * This story was a bit confusing.
38. Cursed Document by Samie Sands: ** Using words out of context ruined this story for me.

There were several issues with the poems and stories in this collection, but the good shorts more than made up for it.

Overall, I give this anthology a 2.5 stars.