Review: A Sort of Justice by P.E. Sibley

A Sort of Justice (A Mark Praed Novel) - P.E. Sibley

A Sort of Justice by P.E. Sibley is the first book in the A Commonwealth Counter Terrorism Task Force series. Mark Praed is called by the Commonwealth Intelligence Service to tackle certain assignments, and this time he's partnered with Alexandra Lansing. Can they put aside their differences and work together to bring in Jonathan Reul, who is suspected of selling arms from The Groves?

This story has potential, but I felt it missed the mark.

I felt the characters needed a bit more fleshing out. The characters felt very stereotypical, and the bickering between the two main characters became a bit monotonous. I felt the story got lost in the two main characters' differences rather than the plot.

Overall, I feel this book could have been executed better. It has the potential to be a good read with more character development and a little added mystery.