Review: The Path of Flames by Phil Tucker

The Path of Flames - Phil Tucker

The Path of Flames by by Phil Tucker is the first installment in The Chronicles of the Black Gate Series. Sorcery is forbidden in the Ascendant Empire, but sorcery is used against the empire to close the ancient portals. Asho is a slave made squire by King Kyferin. Can Asho become more than a squire, or is he doomed to die on the field of battle?

Plot 5/5: Excellent plot with action and suspense.

Characters 5/5: Well fleshed out characters to love and some to hate.

World building 5/5: Great world building.

Pacing 5/5: Lots of action with a steady pace.

Writing 4/5: The writing was good, but at one point the main character's name was spelled wrong.

Overall 4.8

This book is a great start to an intriguing story. 

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