Review: Loch Ness Revenge by Hunter Shea

Loch Ness Revenge - Hunter Shea

Loch Ness Revenge by by Hunter Shea is about a brother and sister twins who are taking revenge on the Nessie that killed their parents.


Plot 2/5: This could have been an interesting plot of revenge, but it just didn't make sense. I kept wondering why so many Nessies had never been seen. I think the amount of Nessies should have been kept to a minimum for the story to be more believable. 

Characters 3/5: The characters could have used a bit more fleshing out.

World building 3/5: The story takes place at Loch Ness

Pacing 3/5: A steady pace with spurts of action.

Writing 3/5: Decent writing with few typos and grammar errors.

Overall 2.8

Won in a giveaway, and received a copy from the author.