Review: The Hole by William Meikle

The Hole - William Meikle

The Hole by William Meikle is a story about a peculiar hum which brings headaches and nosebleeds to a small, country town.

Plot 5/5: A very interesting plot which I have never read about.

Characters 5/5: The author doesn't give a whole lot of descriptions as to what his characters may be like, but he definitely brings them to life.

World building 5/5: Again, not a lot of descriptions, but you feel as though you are in the world his books are set in.

Pacing 5/5: Steady pace with bursts of action.

Writing 5/5: Great writing, and hardly any typos.

Overall 5/5

William Meikle is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. With his writing style and his imagination, I know I will not be disappointed. 

I won this book in a giveaway.