My Review of Bronze by B.B. Shepherd

The Glister Journals: Bronze - B. B. Shepherd

Bronze by B.B. Shepherd is the first book in The Glister Journals. Allison is a high school student that has endured avoidance among her peers.


When I read the blurb, I had a different story in my mind. It turns out that I was wrong. This story revolves around the feelings Allison has for a local boy, David. I was hoping for more interactions with horses and a bit of excitement. The story is written beautifully, and the characters are well fleshed out, but with over 600 pages, this story became rather hard for me to finish as Allison's feelings were overdone and repetitive. I think this story would be better suited for a younger audience than myself.


I received a copy via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.