My Review of The Rage That Follows

The Rage That Follows - Nathaniel Badertscher

The Rage That Follows is Nathaniel Badertscher's debut novel about The Knights Seraphin, monster hunters sworn to the goddess Seraphe. Joren, a shepherd’s son, sees a face within the woods that frightens him to his very core. Sergeant Garret Rhys of The Knights Seraphin and his company have arrived on their way to their mission and decide to stay for a night at the shepherd’s hall to rest before moving on with their quest, not knowing that there is an evil that none of them are prepared for.

Nathaniel weaves a gripping tale full of fear, tragedy, and loss. This is an incredible tale with extraordinary characters. I was thoroughly taken with this story. As the story unfolded, I could not put this book down. The characters were engrossing and the dialogue between the characters was such that I felt the emotions of each character. I am truly looking forward to more of Nathaniel's work.


Cautionary note: there is quite a bit of gore, for those not into that. Also, there aren't any sex scenes for those looking for that.


I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.