My Review of The Destroyer

The Destroyer - Michael-Scott Earle

The Destroyer by Michael-Scott Earle is the first book in the The Destroyer series. A war is being waged against the country of Nia, and Duchess Nadea and Scholar Paug are on a quest to find the one to save their country. Is he the one that will save them or is he the downfall of Nia?


I had trouble with this story for the first 25%. It was hard going, so I gave myself a week and tried it again. The pace picked up, but I had problems with the flashbacks. It took me a bit to realize if the flashbacks were actually happening or in the past. The female characters seem to all be the same. All alluring with wonderfully sculpted bodies which, for me, was a bit of a disappointment. I did like the main character and Paug, which is the only reason I picked the book back up. There were inconsistencies which, with an editor, would have been resolved. There was quite a bit of talk and references to sex, and actual sex encounters, which I did not care for. I passed through those pages swiftly. There was quite a bit of fighting and bloodshed. This is the perfect book for those looking for sex and bloody battles.