My Review of Dawnflight

Dawnflight - Kim Headlee

Dawnflight by Kim Iverson Headlee is the first book in the The Dragon's Dove Chronicles. It's an Arthurian tale following the strong female lead known as Gyanhumara “Gyan” nic Hymar. She is betrothed to Urien map Dumarec, the son of Gyan's clan's enemy and Arthur's political rival. Before she is wed to Urien she meets Arthur map Uther, the Pendragon, who conquered her people in the war. Even though he conquered her clan she is taken with Arthur, and he is taken with Gyan, which causes strife between Arthur and Urien even more so than before she entered their lives.


I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It has a strong female protagonist who isn't afraid to speak her mind and isn't afraid to wield a sword. There is romance with just a tad of detail, which I could handle. The characters are well defined, and the world building is decent. There are vivid and exciting battles, and though there are religious undertones throughout the tale, it is a vital part in understanding some of the trials Gyan and Arthur had to face, and definitely added to my interest in their plight. I would recommend this book to anyone into Arthurian historical fiction.