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My Review of The Last Dragon Slayer

The Last Dragon Slayer - Martyn Stanley

The Last Dragon Slayer by Martyn Stanley is the first book in the Deathsworn Arc series. Saul Karza is a wizard tasked with finding and killing a Noble Dragon. He is aided by two immigrants and a dwarf, but acquire the help of an elf and a dark elf along the way.


This story was good, but it could have used a bit of editing. I became invested in the characters as the story unfolded. It was a slow paced tale until the end, but overall a decent story.

My Review of Her Father's Fugitive Throne

Her Father's Fugitive Throne (Song of the Worlds) (Volume 3) - Brandon Barr

Her Father's Fugitive Throne by Brandon Barr is the third installment in the Song of the Worlds series.


This story picks up where the second book ends, and I have to say that I am hooked on Brandon's storytelling. It is by far one of the best series that I have ever read. I am so looking forward to more in this series!

My Review of The Bridge Beyond Her World

The Bridge Beyond Her World (The Boy and the Beast) (Volume 2) - Brandon Barr

The Bridge Beyond Her World by Brandon Barr is the second installment of the Song of the Worlds series.


This story picks up where the first book ends. I was not expecting as much sci-fi elements, but it actually worked quite well within the story. Such excellent storytelling, Brandon has given me a new appreciation for genre mixing. This is such a well thought out and executed tale that, I have to say, it is one of the best stories I have ever read.

My Review of Her Dangerous Visions

Her Dangerous Visions (The Boy and the Beast) (Volume 1) - Brandon Barr

Her Dangerous Visions by Brandon Barr is the first book in the Song of the Worlds series. This is a story of two women from two different worlds. We follow each woman on their quest to find their true destiny. 

I loved the characters. They were so well fleshed out that I was drawn into their worlds. The world building is incredible. I found certain parts of this story to be disturbing, but it just added to the intrigue.

My Review of A Keeper's Tale: The Story of Tomkin and the Dragon

A Keeper's Tale: The Story of Tomkin and the Dragon - T.J. Andrews

A Keeper's Tale: The Story of Tomkin and the Dragon by J.A. Andrews is a story about Tomkin Thornhewn, and his boredom with his role in life. He decides to seek out a dragon he heard tale of.


This is a wonderful story of courage and romance. I loved the way Andrews told this story. I was sucked in from the start. I'll definitely be reading more of her work.

My Review of Fill up: A short suspense thriller

Fill up: A short suspense thriller - Jonathan Kent

Fill up by Jonathan Kent is a short story about Sean having a run of bad luck. His car breaks down so his brother gives him one, but Sean and his eight year old daughter have to make the road trip to get it, which Sean's wife is not happy that he took their daughter along. 

This story started out strong, but the ending just didn't go with the first part of the story. I found it too unbelievable.

My Review of The Destroyer

The Destroyer - Michael-Scott Earle

The Destroyer by Michael-Scott Earle is the first book in the The Destroyer series. A war is being waged against the country of Nia, and Duchess Nadea and Scholar Paug are on a quest to find the one to save their country. Is he the one that will save them or is he the downfall of Nia?


I had trouble with this story for the first 25%. It was hard going, so I gave myself a week and tried it again. The pace picked up, but I had problems with the flashbacks. It took me a bit to realize if the flashbacks were actually happening or in the past. The female characters seem to all be the same. All alluring with wonderfully sculpted bodies which, for me, was a bit of a disappointment. I did like the main character and Paug, which is the only reason I picked the book back up. There were inconsistencies which, with an editor, would have been resolved. There was quite a bit of talk and references to sex, and actual sex encounters, which I did not care for. I passed through those pages swiftly. There was quite a bit of fighting and bloodshed. This is the perfect book for those looking for sex and bloody battles.

My Review of Land of Nod, The Artifact

Land of Nod, The Artifact (Land of Nod Trilogy) - Gary Hoover

Land of Nod, The Artifact by Gary Hoover is the first book in the Land of Nod trilogy. Ever since Jeff Browning's father mysteriously disappeared, Jeff's been having strange and terrifying dreams. When he's searching in his father's office for a necklace given to Jeff by his father, he finds a portal. Jeff's curiosity is piqued to the point of finding out where the portal leads, and if it's where he'll find answers leading to his father's whereabouts.


This was an imaginative story with strange creatures in a strange land. Jeff meets new people who are willing to help him; for his new friends believe Jeff to be the prophesied one. I felt this story was alright and is a great story for middle grade children.

My Review of The Truth about Jonah Sheppard

The Truth about Jonah Sheppard - Chris Stanchek

The Truth about Jonah Sheppard by Chris Stanchek is a story of Jonah Sheppard, a disfigured youth, and his move to a new city and the challenges he goes through.


This was an excellent story of courage and sacrifice. The characters were well fleshed out and the story held me. There were feelings of hopelessness, desire, love, betrayal, and the ending was not what I expected. It left me thinking of the challenges that people face when they've been through such traumas. This was a very touching story.

My Review of Journey to Aviad

Journey to Aviad - Allison D. Reid

Journey to Aviad by Allison Reid is the first book in the Wind Rider Chronicles. We meet Elowyn, a bright and spirited young girl who loves spending most of her time outdoors away from her overbearing mother. When she stumbles upon what she believes to be a fight of some sort, telling by the tracks left in the ground, her life is forever changed.


I fell in love with Elowyn. Bright, headstrong, and wise of the ways of the woods and the life within it. She came to life right before my eyes. I fell into this story and didn't want to leave. The characters were well flesh out, and the world building exceptional. There were religious overtones throughout the book which worked perfectly within this story. I will definitely be reading more of Elowyn's journeys. This is a wonderful story for preteens and adults alike.

My Review of The Belinda Triangle

The Belinda Triangle - Dick Strawderman,  Marilyn Soloman,  Charlotte Dubinsky,  Maralyn Anton,  Stevie Silverman,  Susan Cook,  Esther Berlin,  Eleanore Catsman,  Madelyn Mergler,  Dot Pratt,  Taryn Hoffman Edith Marcos

The Belinda Triangle by Dick Hoffman is a dystopian mystery/thriller about a cruise ship. Or is it?


It was hard for me to get the whole picture of this new world. The author gave glimpses into what happened, but I would have liked a bit more detail and backstory. I guess that was part of the mystery. I didn't connect with any of the characters, though they were written fairly well. This book just wasn't for me.


I received a copy of the book from the author through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My Review of Admission of Guilt

Admission of Guilt - T.V. LoCicero

Admission of Guilt by T.V. LoCicero is the second book in The detroit im dyin Trilogy. It can be read as a stand alone. When a 13 year old girl is shot and killed, her teacher, John Giordano, takes matters in his own hands to do something about the drugs in her neighborhood.


I thought the premise was interesting, but the execution to pull this story together was a bit flat. I would start a chapter, and for a few paragraphs I wouldn't know which character the author was referring to. It threw my reading off a bit. Also, there were several grammatical errors, but I looked over this because I wanted to know the outcome.


I received a free ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Review of Lisey's Story

Lisey's Story - Stephen King

Lisey's Story by Stephen King is a story about Lisey and the love she has for her husband.


I adore King's work, and this book was no exception. To me, this is a love story only the way King can do it, and of course there is imagination running amok. All I can say is that I loved it, but I'm bias when it comes to King which is why I usually don't review his books. But I figured I'd write a few words about it since it's included in my book challenge.

Reading progress update: I've read 20%.

The Natural Order - R. Renee Vickers

I had to put this book in my DNF pile. This story started strong, but ended up losing my interest very quickly. Maybe I'll try this book again down the road. 

My Review of Chased by Fire

Chased by Fire (The Cloud Warrior Saga Book 1) - D K Holmberg

Chased by Fire by D.K. Holmberg is the first book in The Cloud Warrior Saga. When Tan meets a stranger on the road, his mother sends Tan on a mission to assist the stranger in finding an artifact.


There is a lot of potential with this story. There is magic, creatures, fighting, and romance. The creatures and characters are vivid, but the descriptions involving certain aspects of the magic are rather detailed causing the story to be slow paced for most of the book. I feel this story is for middle grade children and adults alike. Overall, I'm curious to see where the story takes Tan.

My Review of A Tale of Two Kitties

A Tale of Two Kitties - Sofie Kelly

A Tale of Two Kitties by Sofie Kelly is the ninth book in the A Magical Cats Mystery series. When Kathleen finds Mia's grandfather dead, she and her magical cats, Owen and Hercules, have to find out who the killer is before Simon, her good friend and father to Mia, is arrested for the crime.


I had a hard time getting through this book. It was very slow paced, and the writing was choppy. There was far too much description. How someone holds their arms, or tilts their head does not add any value or depth to the story. It became very mundane. The story was very predictable from the start.


I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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