My Review of The Boy Who Painted the World

The Boy Who Painted the World - Melody J. Bremen

The Boy Who Painted the World by Melody J. Bremen is the story of a 10 year old homeless boy, Indigo, who loves to paint and wishes to one day be a famous painter.


This is an incredible story of loss, love, determination, and strength. I felt Indigo's emotions throughout the story. I watched as he grew and became more and more determined to be the painter he always wanted to be. This is a great story for children 9-12, or like me, just a kid at heart.

My Review of The Village of Eben Hollow

The Village of Eben Hollow - Jason Pacy, Brad A. Braddock

The Village of Eben Hollow by Brad A. Braddock is a story of good versus evil.


While I loved the title, the story held little for me. There is your usual evil sorceress, her minions, and the dead that she can raise, but the storytelling left a little to be desired. All the villagers seemed the same, all brutes and drunkards. It was easy to see where the story was headed. No mystery. Nothing that held me to the story.

My Review of When The Tik-Tik Sings

When The Tik-Tik Sings - Doug Lamoreux

When The Tik-Tik Sings by Doug Lamoreux starts off with the sound of tik, tik, tik, tik., and then the horror begins.


The author sets up the first scene perfectly. It caught my attention and had me hooked. But somewhere along the line the author lost me. The fact that the main character, Erin Vanderjagt, is not the kind of character that I envision when I envision a female cop. With all the witnesses, her 'boyfriend,' and others telling her what's going on, she still has no clue. I felt as though her character was a bit of a bitch, and a bitch does not a strong woman make.

My Review of Rise of the Archmage

Rise of the Archmage (Deathsworn Arc Book 4) - Jack Pedley, Martyn Stanley, Isis Sousa

Rise of the Archmage by Martyn Stanley is the fourth installment of the Deathsworn Arc series. The companions are headed to Votrex's home when they stop to aid a woman thought to be a witch.




While Martyn's writing is getting better, and the editing is also getting better, I feel that the characters are not growing enough. They seem to be the same as they were in book one. Grant you, the time in the books has only been two or three weeks, I still haven't seen any character growth. Especially Korhan. It seems Korhan has the ability to slay a Noble Dragon in book one, but gets his butt handed to him in every fight he gets into since, which seems to me that Vashni's training has had no effect on Korhan at all. It seems she just wants to humiliate him for her own amusement, which is getting a bit boring to me.


Brael is another character I was hoping to see some character growth, but the only thing I see with him is that he is so obsessed with the 'truth' that he almost caused one of the companion's death.

Saul, the wizard, has actually learned a bit of spell casting, so his character is growing somewhat.


It seems that Votrex is the only character that still hasn't had his day. The companions still haven't made it to Votrex's home. The companions are easily distracted from their destination, and seem to be well caring people, for they will stop and help any damsel in distress.


I hope the author puts more growth into his characters in the next book, for I've come to care for these characters and would like to see them learn and grow.


I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My Review of A Face in the Crowd

A Face in the Crowd - Stephen King, Stewart O'Nan

A Face in the Crowd was written by Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan. Dean Evers is a widower who sits alone and watches baseball, then notices familiar faces in the crowd. Faces of people who should be dead.

A great collaboration that was quick and fun to read. What can I say? It's Stephen King!

My Review of Kellie's Diary #2

Kellie's Diary #2 - Thomas  Jenner, Angeline Perkins

Kellie's Diary #2 by Thomas Jenner is the second installment of the Kellie's Diary series. We follow Kellie as she tries to survive during the zombie apocalypse.

This is a short story written as diary entries by Kellie as she tells her tale. We follow Kellie as she becomes ever more fearful, and begins to doubt herself and her capabilities to survive.

My Review of Kellie's Diary #1

Kellie's Diary #1 - Angeline Perkins, Thomas  Jenner

Kellie's Diary by Thomas Jenner is the first installment of the Kellie's Diary series. We follow Kellie as she tries to survive during the zombie apocalypse.

This is a short story written as diary entries by Kellie as she tells her tale. It's very interesting how the author decided to write this story this way. Kellie's entries gives us a glimpse into the end of the world as she sees it. I loved the way this was written. It's definitely written as if it's a little 9 year old girl writing in her diary.

My Review of Keep in a Cold, Dark Place

Keep in a Cold, Dark Place - Michael F. Stewart

Keep in a Cold, Dark Place by Michael F. Stewart is a story of Limphetta O'Malley, best known as Limpy, who lives on a potato farm. She has aspirations of a grander life, in fact, she wants to pursue her love of sewing. While rotating the potato bags in the barn one evening, Limpy discovers a hidden box. What she unleashes will change her world forever.

This is a well written story of determination, facing your fears, and self-discovery. Michael's story gripped me and wouldn't let go. The characters stay with you, and gives you something to think about. 

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Review of Dark Screams: Volume Eight

Dark Screams: Volume Eight - Bentley Little, Kealan Patrick Burke, Richard Chizmar, Frank Darabont, Brian James Freeman

Dark Screams is the eighth book in the Dark Screams series written by different authors. 

These short stories include:

WALPUSKI’S TYPEWRITER by Frank Darabont: ****

THE BOY by Bentley Little: ****

TUMOR by Benjamin Percy: ***

TWISTED AND GNARLED by Billie Sue Mosiman: ****

THE PALAVER by Kealan Patrick Burke: ***

INDIA BLUE by Glen Hirshberg: **

This is a collection of bizarre stories that I found interesting. Each author has a unique style which added to my enjoyment. I found this collection to be a quick and fun read. 

I received a copy from Hydra through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

My Review of Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver - MarcyKate Connolly

Shadow Weaver by MarcyKate Connolly is the first book in the Shadow Weaver duology. Emmeline is a Shadow Weaver. Since her birth, she has been able to control shadows. Emmeline's shadow Dar, her only friend, is the only one to accept Emmeline. Even her parents do not accept her magic, so much in fact that her parents want to send her away. 

The first thing I want to say about this book is that I love this cover. It truly conveys the story with just a glance. The next thing I want to say is this was an excellent story. The characters are well fleshed out, the author's imagination is outstanding, and the story is exceptionally well written. I cannot wait for the next book!

I received this book from Sourcebooks Jabberwocky through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Review of The Blood Queen

The Blood Queen (Deathsworn Arc, #3) - Martyn Stanley

The Blood Queen by Martyn Stanley is the third installment in the Deathsworn Arc series. Wizard Saul Karza and his comrades have made it back to the Empress, but she is not as Saul remembers. 

This book gave a bit more insight into some of the mysteries surrounding the female elf and the wizard, but I think the female character gets too much attention from the author. I would like to know more about the dark elf and the dwarf. I can see the author's writing has matured since the first book, and the editing is getting much better.

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Review of Clash of Chaos

Clash of Chaos: EverMage, Book One (Volume 1) - Trip Ellington

Clash of Chaos by Trip Ellington is the first book of the Evermage Prequels. Deinre is a soldier whom finds he can wield magic.


This was an interesting read. The characters were believable, and it's pretty imaginative. I did find a couple of discrepancies, though I overlooked them as it did not hinder my reading.


I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Review of A Plague of Giants

A Plague of Giants - Luke Daniels, Xe Sands, Kevin Hearne

A Plague of Giants by Kevin Hearne is the first installment in the Seven Kennings. Fintan is a bard that tells the story of the war of giants.


I was excited to read Hearne's book as I had heard great things about his books, but this was such a disappointment. There were a lot of characters to keep up with, which wasn't a problem. The world building is incredible. My problem was the dialogue between characters. While I love a good dialogue, it can make or break a story. In this case it broke the story. I felt as though I was in a lecture hall listening to a very boring professor. I give this book two stars for the complexity of the world building and character development.


I received this book from Random House Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Review of A Threat of Shadows

A Threat of Shadows (The Keeper Chronicles) (Volume 1) - JA Andrews

A Threat of Shadows by J.A. Andrews is the first book of The Keeper Chronicles. We follow Alaric on his journey to find a cure for his dying wife.


I just love J.A.'s writing style. She lured me in with the first sentence and kept my attention throughout the book. I fell in love with the characters. They were believable to the point of making sure I had tissues on hand. This is a wonderful love story? Maybe...but definitely a story of determination and love so strong that you have to ask yourself, "How far would I go for a loved one?" Truly an amazing tale. I can't wait for the next book!

My Review of The Forgotten Beasts of Eld

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld - Patricia A. McKillip

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip is a story about Sybel, a wizard that does not need the outside world. She locks herself behind her gates with her enchanted beasts, but when a soldier beckons at her gates with an infant, she about to find out about love and deceit.


This story is about love, deceit, and revenge, and the toll it can have on one's heart and mind. It was well written with lively characters, and magical beasts. A wonderful story with clean romance.


I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for and honest review.

My Review of The Rage That Follows

The Rage That Follows - Nathaniel Badertscher

The Rage That Follows is Nathaniel Badertscher's debut novel about The Knights Seraphin, monster hunters sworn to the goddess Seraphe. Joren, a shepherd’s son, sees a face within the woods that frightens him to his very core. Sergeant Garret Rhys of The Knights Seraphin and his company have arrived on their way to their mission and decide to stay for a night at the shepherd’s hall to rest before moving on with their quest, not knowing that there is an evil that none of them are prepared for.

Nathaniel weaves a gripping tale full of fear, tragedy, and loss. This is an incredible tale with extraordinary characters. I was thoroughly taken with this story. As the story unfolded, I could not put this book down. The characters were engrossing and the dialogue between the characters was such that I felt the emotions of each character. I am truly looking forward to more of Nathaniel's work.


Cautionary note: there is quite a bit of gore, for those not into that. Also, there aren't any sex scenes for those looking for that.


I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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