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My Review of Ill Will

Ill Will - Dan Chaon

Ill Will by Dan Chaon is a story that revolves around a family tragedy. That's all I could ascertain from this story. I couldn't get into the whole book being back-story. There was a lot of sexual situations. Way too many for my taste. The story was, for me, hard to follow most of the time. I had to read quite a bit of the chapter to find out whose point of view I was reading. The ending didn't reveal any true insight into the story, or have a real conclusion. I received a copy of this book through Netgalley, and all opinions are my own.

My Review of The Orphan's Tale

The Orphan's Tale - Pam Jenoff

The Orphan's Tale by Pam Jenoff follows Noa, a sixteen year old girl, who's father kicks her out of the house for getting pregnant by a Nazi soldier, and we are given the story from Noa's POV. We are later introduced to Astrid, a trapeze performer with the German circus, and we get the story from her POV. The story goes back and forth between the two women's stories, which connect along the way creating a well written, dark and ominous, though thought provoking tale.


Jenoff does an excellent job bringing you into this story. She brings the characters to life, and you can't help but let yourself be taken away.


This story has quite a bit of darkness, which portrays extremely well how life was for someone in these two women's situations during WWII. Jenoff's research adds to the darkness based on true events, which, for me, was very thought provoking. It is an intricate story of love and hate, resentment and acceptance, betrayal, fear, hope, and so much more . It is, by far, one of the best books that I have ever read.


I received this book through NetGalley, and received a copy from Harlequin for an honest review and all opinions are my own.

My Review of Morning's Journey

Morning's Journey - Kim Headlee

Morning's Journey by Kim Iverson Headlee is the second book in The Dragon's Dove Chronicles. After reading the first book in this series, I was excited to read Morning's Journey. I was a bit disappointed with the ending of this book. There are several situations in this story that weren't resolved. When there are only two books in a series, I feel things should be wrapped up in the second book. Other than that, Kim's writing is extremely good, it has a consistent pace, and the character development is great. But because of the lack of conclusions to some of the plights that were against some of the characters, I give this book three stars. I won this book in a giveaway and received a copy from the author. All opinions are my own.

My Review of Dawnflight

Dawnflight - Kim Headlee

Dawnflight by Kim Iverson Headlee is the first book in the The Dragon's Dove Chronicles. It's an Arthurian tale following the strong female lead known as Gyanhumara “Gyan” nic Hymar. She is betrothed to Urien map Dumarec, the son of Gyan's clan's enemy and Arthur's political rival. Before she is wed to Urien she meets Arthur map Uther, the Pendragon, who conquered her people in the war. Even though he conquered her clan she is taken with Arthur, and he is taken with Gyan, which causes strife between Arthur and Urien even more so than before she entered their lives.


I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It has a strong female protagonist who isn't afraid to speak her mind and isn't afraid to wield a sword. There is romance with just a tad of detail, which I could handle. The characters are well defined, and the world building is decent. There are vivid and exciting battles, and though there are religious undertones throughout the tale, it is a vital part in understanding some of the trials Gyan and Arthur had to face, and definitely added to my interest in their plight. I would recommend this book to anyone into Arthurian historical fiction.

Reading progress update: I've read 6%.

Dawnflight - Kim Headlee

My Review of Through the Wildwood (The Legend of Vanx Malic, #1)

Through the Wildwood - M.R. Mathias

I chose Through the Wildwood by M.R. Mathias for The Wildgoose Reading Challenge 2017 hosted by The Bookshelf Gargoyle. It's going toward Category One – “Wildness.” You can find out more about that here:




When I purchased this book, I was so excited, but I soon found out that this book is like an extension of The Wardstone Trilogy, and I believe for me to get more out of this book I should start there.


Vanx Malic is a very interesting character, and this story has great battle scenes and very interesting world building. I will be checking out more work from Mathias.

My Review of Worthy of Song and Story

Worthy of Song and Story - Neal Chase

Worthy of Song and Story by Neal Chase is the first book of the Stian the Viking series. Twelve-year-old Stian wants to be the best viking ever. He wants to prove this by going on a raid with his father, but ends up being saved, but by whom he doesn't know. He is then captured by a dark elf named Dahlia, on her mother's command. Stian finds out his father isn't who he thought, and that Loki is his real father. Stian and Dahlia set off on a quest to free Stian's Loki from the prison that Odin has thrown him into.


This story is set in viking times, but the dialogue is in the present. Preteens will get a kick out of Stian and Dahlia's banter. This story has a bit of action and humor with a bit of feels thrown in.


I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Reading progress update: I've read 42%.

Worthy of Song and Story - Neal Chase

My Review of The Lizard Queen

The Lizard Queen Volume One (Volume 1) - H.L. Cherryholmes

The Lizard Queen by H.L. Cherryholmes is an intricate story comprised of three parts in the first volume. This Shrinking World, From the Ashes, and A Spectacular Lie. We follow Amy Darlidale as she mysteriously finds herself in another world. She is believed to be the one sent to fulfill a prophecy, but not all believe she is the one, and she finds herself in danger. With the help of the young companions who find her, she sets out to find out her role in the prophecy.


H.L. Cherryholmes does a fabulous job of creating an intricate fantasy world, and well developed characters that are completely believable. You become highly invested in these characters, and soon you find yourself whisked away into this fantastical world. The only problem I had with this book is that it is extremely detailed. A bit too detailed for my taste, but it is a well written novel.


I won this book in a giveaway, and received a copy from the author. All opinions are my own.

Reading progress update: I've read 170 out of 670 pages.

The Lizard Queen Volume One (Volume 1) - H.L. Cherryholmes

My Review of Freaks of Nature

Freaks of Nature (The Psion Chronicles) - Wendy Brotherlin

Freaks of Nature by Wendy Brotherlin is not what I expected. Going by the blurb, it's a story about fifteen-year-old Devon McWilliams. He doesn't have the best psychic abilities, in his opinion, so he escapes from the psionic detainment facility. This book starts out strong for the first eleven pages. We meet Devon, we watch him escape, then he's caught. That is where the story stops being about Devon, for the most part. We're introduced to several characters, but Devon is no longer the main character. The execution of this story fell very flat for me. I never really got to know Devon, which was disheartening. The story is fairly well written, but not enough to redeem itself from the lack of story development. I won this book in a giveaway and all opinions are my own.

My Review of Playing Dead


Playing Dead by Allison Brennan is the third book in the Prison Break Trilogy but it can stand alone. It's about Tom O'Brien, an ex-cop imprisoned and sentenced to death for his wife and her lover's murders. Claire, his daughter, believes he is guilty until she meets Oliver, a law student who claims to have proof of her father's innocence. She starts questioning everything about what she knows about her father's guilt and his fifteen year imprisonment. This story grabbed me and didn't let go! I was in the dark about who done it until the very end of the book. The mystery and suspense was nail-biting and had me on the edge of my seat holding my breath! It was a thrilling ride! This mystery is well executed and very well written. I've had this book on my shelf for a few years now, but never felt the need to read it. I told myself that this year I would get some of my older books read, and I am so glad I did!

My Review of Feel Again

Feel Again by Faith Andrews (2015-01-03) - Faith Andrews Bedford

Feel Again by Faith Andrews is the first book in the Fate series. Gabriella has lost her parents and her husband. Trying to get away from the awful memories, she leaves New York to start a new life. She meets Caleb and there's an instant attraction. Feel Again isn't my usual genre, but I have to say that this story had me intrigued. I became more and more curious as Gabriella and Caleb entered a new stage in their lives. This book has some detailed sex scenes that I didn't care for, but would be perfect for anyone looking for a complicated romance story. Faith brings the characters to life and her writing is smooth. I won this book in a giveaway and all opinions are my own.

Reading progress update: I've read 252 out of 294 pages.

Feel Again by Faith Andrews (2015-01-03) - Faith Andrews Bedford

My Review of City of Saints & Thieves

City of Saints & Thieves - Natalie C. Anderson

City of Saints & Thieves by Natalie C. Anderson is a story about a young girl known as Tiny Girl. Being a refugee from Congo, she learns to live on the streets, and joins a gang known as the Goondas. She's determined to make her mother's killer pay, and attempts to ruin the man she feels is responsible. While trying to find 100% proof of who the killer is, she allows two people she considers to be friends to help. I was pulled into this story from the beginning. It is full of mystery and suspense, and there are a lot of emotions that I felt while reading this story. Natalie's writing style is smooth and seamless. Her character building is superb. These characters are real to life, and you feel for some while disliking others. The descriptions used in the world of Tiny Girl made me feel as though I were right there with her. I could envision the landscapes and the atmosphere throughout the entire story. I highly recommend this book. I received an ARC from G.P. Putnam's Sons, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My Review of I See You

I See You - Clare Mackintosh I See You by Clare Mackintosh is a story about a woman, Zoe Walker, who sees her picture in an ad in a London newspaper which starts a chain of events both mysterious and dangerous. This book started really slow, but the more I read the more intriguing it became. The characters are fairly developed and the story is written well. The ending was unexpected, which was exciting, but left me wondering if there will be another book about Zoe Walker. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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